If you are looking for optimised efficiency in room management, for climate comfort and more generally room automation, the new Sauter Ecos311 is the solution. The freely software-programmable DDC Sauter Ecos311 controller can meet any requirements in terms of control of fan coils, chilled beams, radiant cooling and heating, and VAV systems, by optimising energy efficiency through functions such as presence detectors, window contact monitoring, and fan speed control suited to the user’s needs. These functions are managed by the EY-RU3 room operating units, which in their different versions can perform a wider range of tasks than just temperature sensing and setpoint adjustments. The communication with the monitoring system (or with other devices) through BACnet MS/TP protocol provides the maximum flexibility besides enabling the unit to be used also as stand-alone

• Freely programmable controller
• Wide range of inputs/outputs available for a total of 16 I/O
• Communication through BACnet MS/TP protocol
• Management of all types of terminal units, lighting and window blinds (with ecoLink modules)
• Multifunctional room operating units EY-RU3 connectable through a cable