In a single easy-to-configure device, Sauter RDT900 combines all the features required to manage all types of systems, from ventilation to air-conditioning, from heating to radiant heating, by constantly ensuring effective control also in terms of energy consumption. Thanks to the BACnet MS/TP communication protocol (or other options including BACnet IP, Modbus RTU and IP), interfacing with room control subsystems, touch panels and monitoring systems is fast and immediate.
Multiple remote display options are allowed by the built-in web server and the user panels - both with LCD and TFT colour displays.
All the flexibility and reliability you are looking for is provided by a single product: the new Sauter RDT 900.• Two different 21 I/O and 40 I/O hardware systems

  • Dozens of available applications for any type of system 
  • The software loading on the controller can be easily carried out using a USB memory stick 
  • The parameter configuration can be performed directly on the controller with the built-in keys and display or through PC software 
  • Communication available through BACnet and Modbus protocols via the Ethernet and RS485 ports 
  • Built-in web-server 
  • Universal TFT and LCD remote unit, and radiant-specific LCD with built-in temperature and humidity sensors