The new Sauter EY-OP850 touch panels are the most efficient and top-performance solution to monitor and manage all types of systems on completely customizable graphic pages. Verifying alarms, changing schedules and sending commands to all the devices connected through BACnet MS/TP, IP, Modbus and KNX protocols has never been so easy.

The built-in webserver allows the user to display and control the panel also remotely.

You get complete control of your system just by using the Sauter EY-OP850 touch panel.


  • Available in the following sizes: 4,3” with 480x272 resolution, 7” with 800x480 resolution and 10” with 1024x600 resolution
  • Capable of writing and reading BACnet MS/TP and IP, Modbus (RTU and TCP), and KNX/IP devices
  • Different protocols simultaneously operating for constant data exchange with already available logical operators and formulas
  • Built-in webserver for remote display and panel control
  • User/Group authentication to access the panel or the Webserver with possible restriction of the available operations according to the profile
  • IP66 frontal degree of protection