Sauter NRT400 is the ideal compact solution to easy, low-cost and high-performance control of single rooms or areas. All the configurations and parameters can be set and changed by using the digital display or the NRT configuration software. Besides being used as independent unit, each controller can be connected to an RS485 bus to allow communication through BACnet MS/TP (or Modbus RTU) protocol.Fan coils, chilled beams, thermal units with 6-way valves and 4-pipe systems: the new Sauter NRT400 caters to any need.

  • Compact controller with display
  • Preconfigured for immediate operation 
  • Heating, cooling, or combined with P or PI control feature 
  • Stand-alone or part of a BACnet MS/TP and Modbus RTU communication system 
  • Built-in temperature sensor 
  • 2-/3-point outputs or 0-10V, fan speed control unit
  •  Inputs for dew-point monitoring, seasonal changeover, window contact, remote temperature sensor 
  • LCD Display for user interface